Dear Basinians

you probably already know what the following words will be about. Our government will not allow any festivals this summer for safety reasons because of the global pandemic.
So, we need to move Basinfirefest to next year. You have no idea how sorry we are. Especially in a situation when after two years of Basin's abrupt end we’ve dove in with all our might with the intent to revive the festival and open a new chapter in its history.
But let's not despair and let us focus above all on surviving this crazy time in good health and actually meeting on a meadow near Spálené Poříčí in a year. And there will be reasons to meet!
Insofar this year was supposed to be a mere opening of the new chapter, next year we are gonna straight balls to the wall and present a whole new vision for the future of this festival.
Of course, negotiations are already underway to keep this year's pumped line-up as close to intact state as possible. And in addition, you can expect its further expansion. And not only by some new big names, but also a full extra festival day!
The new date for Basinfirefest is 24 - 27 June, 2021 and all your purchased tickets for this year remain valid for the next one.
Further information will come on Monday, May 11, including info on the possibility of ticket refunds. However, we believe that we give you good reasons to keep the tickets for the next year and by the same token we hope that you will do so as an expression of your support, that is truly dear to us. We will need it! Thank you.
Your BFF team

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