First bands and presale start date!

All Basinfirefest festivalgoers were accustomed to interesting foreign names as well as fine selection from the domestic scene, filling up the lineup with the best of rock, metal and punk and it will be no different at the 16th edition, which will take place again in Spálené Poříčí 26th-28th June 2020! The presale starts 11th November 2019.

Let's start with foreign artists. It is hard not to notice how Ukrainian JINJER, led by charismatic Tatiana Shmailyuk, conquer the world and keep selling out one show after another. Therefore, we will repeat their successful show from the last festival edition. Progressive groovy music with female vocals is also the sign of victory of Moldovan act INFECTED RAIN, who combine nu metal, metalcore or melodic death metal in their music. From modern sounding bands we move to a more classic hardcore sound and a band that still has a lot to say after all those years. Yes, Gary Meskil is returning with PRO-PAIN! The last band from abroad on today's menu is VAN CANTO, who, with the exception of drums, decided to play heavy / symphonic metal without musical instruments and to substitute them with six voices. In case you were wondering - acapella metal is really possible!

And now representatives of the local scene. First we introduce TRAUTENBERK, who are no stragers to Poříčí. They are at home at Basinfire with their energetic show with costumes and spicy rock’n’roll, fueling the energy of their self-labeled tanz metal. Another act on the list is based in Prague, but the members come from different parts of Europe - we are of course talking about bagpipe punk rockers PIPES AND PINTS. Tomáš Hajíček and his KRUCIPÜSK will come to introduce a new album, which is being released today and is called „Country Hell“.

Do you like thrash?! Then get ready for DEBUSTROL, one of the founding fathers of the Czech metal scene. ASMODEUS are also an age old force of the local scene and they also love thrashing, but their progressive concept is based on thought through rhythms, melodies and lyrics. And we are closing this announcement with vigorous female-fronted crossover GAIA MESIAH and the classic punks SPS and E!E.

We will continue to add new bands, you can look forward to a varied selection of domestic and foreign artists and do not forget the 11th November, when we launch the presale in our new e-shop.

-- (by 11. 11. 2019)

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