• First bands and presale start date!
    All Basinfirefest festivalgoers were accustomed to interesting foreign names as well as fine selection from the domestic scene, filling up the lineup with the best of rock, metal and punk and it will be no different at the 16th edition, which will take place again in Spálené Poříčí 26th-28th June 2020! The presale starts 11th November 2019. Let's start with foreign artists. It is hard not to notice how Ukrainian JINJER, led by charismatic Tatiana Shmailyuk, conquer the world and keep selling out one show after another. Therefore, we will repeat their successful show from the last festival edition. Progressive groovy music with female vocals is also the sign of victory of Moldovan act INFECTED RAIN, who combine nu metal, metalcore or melodic death metal in their music. From modern sounding bands we move to a more classic hardcore sound…
  • Basinfirefest returns!
    After a two-year lay-off, Basinfirefest of West Bohemia returns to life. The 16th volume of the festival will take in the usual location of Spalene Porici in the Pilsen Region 26th-28th June 2020. The presale starts on 1st November 2019 and festival will announce the first confirmed artists for 2020 at the same time.  Brutal Assault agency, the company behind the acclaimed rock & metal Brutal Assault festival, has joined the organizing team of Basinfirefest. It is thus reasonable to expect the festival to expand towards greater selection of large foreign artistic outlets and injecting fresh blood and some new genres into the mix, without depriving long-term Basinfire fans of the local Czech scene acts they have been accustomed to at Basinfirefest since 2003. www.basinfirefest.cz www.facebook.com/BasinfirefestOfficial www.instagram.com/basinfire_fest/ FB event: www.facebook.com/events/672670189922570 

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